Ideas for my upcoming tattoo

Hey Big!
Since I had alot of pictures and no ide how to communicate my ideas just through writing I decided to shake this old blog to life and use it to show you some of my ideas. I was thinking on continuing with the video-game theeme (final fantasy this time) and I want to make it  a sleeve. I have no Idea of how much stuf you can squeeze in on an arm so I'll just post some pics and some ideas and then you can work your magic and tell me what is possible! :)

Here is where we left of last time: (the pics are clickable for larger wiew)
This is where we left of last year

I was thinking to get something like this, with a mishmash of chars just mixed in somehow:

From here and down I will post pics of what I'd like to have in my sleeve: (you can scale them and crop them, reposition them and whatever you like if you get an idea you like.

The princess from the same game that the we tatooed last time. If we have the space we can put her in somewhere, does not need to be the whole girl. If we put her in I want her to be on the upper arm, so the main-theeme on the lower part of the sleeve remains final fantasy inspired.
A phoenixbird from the final fantasy series. I was hoping this would be a pretty big part of the tattoo mabye circle around as a background for some of the other chars.
A black mage from the Final Fantasy series.
Griever. A logo / personal emblem from one of the characters. Plus the fact that I am a leo would make this one a bit fun to have.
Aeris, she died in the game and the fans havce been rampaging the internet ever since to see if there is some way to get her back. I was thinking the phoenix could protect her in some way(??) I really like the pose.
Mog the moogle, he is just awesome! :D
A chocobo, (giant chicken) used as pets, delivery-service or mounts.
A cactuar, this one we can just copy paste somewhere. that's it's only look!
Theese wings on the back of Rinoa's shirt is really ugly but kind of significant, use them if you think they will look good somewhere in the over all picture otherwise just skip them.
This is the main character from one of the games, if there is space over we can try to get this guy in. The upper body when he is holding the sword or just a close-up on his face, the hair and his eyes are the things that distinguish him. Hair very spiky and the eyes are really turquiose (how the heck do you spell that color) almost shining.

Just tell me if there is anything else you need or wonder. I think Facebook is the easiest way to communicate. Take care and see you soon!

// Daniel

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